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The LabChip® GXII (Caliper Technologies) is currently used internally, as a high throughput supplement to the Agilent Bioanalyzer, to assess the quality of RNA samples prior to labelling. This instrument can be used as alternative to agarose gel electrophoresis and SDS-PAGE for the analysis (size and concentration determination) of nucleic acids and proteins. RNA, DNA, and protein analysis services will soon be available to all researchers.

The LabChip® GXII microfluidic electrophoresis system is designed for the automated, high throughput analysis of DNA (25-12000 base pairs), RNA (100-6000 nucleotides), and proteins (14-200 kDa). This instrument can be used for determining the size and concentration of DNA fragments and protein samples, and determining the integrity (ribosomal ratios) and concentration of RNA samples, in a high throughput manner.


  • sensitive (requires 0.25 ng/µL per DNA fragment and as little as 5 ng/µL of protein or RNA)
  • time-efficient (each sample is run in about one minute), and up to 384 samples can be processed per run
  • digital data (greater resolution)

How it works:

The GXII uses Caliper’s Sipper Chip technology to aspirate samples directly from a 96- or 384-well plate, mix with intercolating dye, electrophoretically separate, and analyse the sample. Instrument optics detect laser-induced fluorescent signal. The Sipper Chip greatly reduces the hands-on time that would otherwise be required to individually load samples onto a microfluidic chip (like the Agilent Bioanalyzer).

To learn more, visit the Caliper Technologies website.

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Contact: Neil Winegarden at

Please note that special paperwork is required for shipping biological samples from locations outside of Canada. For the Customs documentation that you will need, please download this form . Once you send us this information, the UHN Customs Officer will generate the appropriate Customs document and send it to you via e-mail. This document must be included with the waybill on your package.

Quick questions:
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How much sample is required?

The RNA assay requires 5-100 ng/µL (low range) or 50-500 ng/µL (high range), the Protein Expression assay requires 5-2000 ng/µL (with a maximum of 10 mg/mL and maximum salt concentration of 1M NaCl), and the DNA assays require 1-50 ng/µL. The Sipper Chip can take as little as 250 nL of each sample directly from the source plate, depending on the assay.

What assays kits are available?

DNA 1K (for fragments 25-1000 base pairs)
DNA 5K (for fragments 100-5000 base pairs)
DNA 12K (for fragments 100-12000 base pairs)
RNA (measure between 100-6000 nucleotide lengths)
Protein Express (for proteins 14-200kDa)

How long does it take to run a sample?

The RNA assay requires 80 seconds per sample, the Protein Expression assay requires 40 seconds per sample, the DNA assays take between 30 and 68 seconds per sample.

What do I need to know about sample buffers and solvents?

High concentrations of BSA, salt, and detergents can lead to chip failure. As a general rule, salt concentrations should not exceed 125mM and BSA/detergents should not exceed 0.05 mg/mL or 0.01% (v/v). In addition, inorganic and organic solvents are not compatible with the LabChip.