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By sharing our expertise and communicating throughout the various phases of a research project, our goal is to provide researchers with the tools and services needed to successfully complete a genomics-based project in a cost-effective manner. We recognise the need for bioinformatics consultancy and our aim is to offer investigators guidance and services for all types of 'omics research projects.

initial consultations are free, in fact, we’ll give you our “two-cents”!

  • We’ll help you select the most appropriate platform based on your budget, the information you need, the type of samples you are working with, and the biological question you are addressing
  • By having your experimental design assessed, you can be sure your data will be relevant and publication-ready
  • You will benefit from our knowledge and years of experience with microarrays and genomics-based projects

data analysis and bioinformatics: the “thinking” factor

Access to advanced analysis tools is one of the main reasons researchers opt to have their data analysed by our Bioinformatics team. However, the dynamic thinking styles of our bioinformatics and management teams, which are critical for analysing complex data sets and other informatics-based projects, set us apart from other data analysis groups. To learn more about the types of microarray, bioinformatics, and computational services we offer, please view our bioinformatics webpages.

The UHNMAC is also interested in collaboratively developing new array-based techniques and methodologies. We can provide assistance with grant proposals involving genomics technologies. We also offer tours of our facility to students, introductory seminars about microarray technology, and hands-on microarray training sessions.

Please contact us at for more information or to arrange a consultation.