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Experimental Design Assessments

Our Bioinformatics Team provides complimentary experimental design assessments to UHNMAC customers and UHN researchers. To read more about experimental design and factors that you should consider, visit our experimental design page.

Data Storage and Retrieval

Depending on the type of arrays you are using, image acquisition and analysis can take up a large amount of hard disk space. The Microarray Centre can provide you with temporary storage of images on our drives, in addition to CD burners to take your data with you.

Network Drive 'marray'

  • The network drive 'marray' is a temporary storage drive made available by us to ease your data acquisition, transfer and quantification.

  • Due to the size of the images and the number of users, your files cannot remain on the drive indefinitely. It is recommended that users remove their files after they have transferred it to an alternative location. Files more than 1 month old will be purged routinely at the first Monday of each month (i.e. files dated January or before will be removed on the first Monday of March). It is your responsibility to backup your files before the monthly purge date.

  • UHN staff members can transfer files directly to their home directory from their own lab by connecting to 'marray' and their home drive simultaneously.

  • UHN fileportal can also be used to transfer files between the scanner computer and your local computers. Images can be uploaded onto the fileportal from the computer and downloaded onto your local computer.