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In November 2000, the UHN established the Clinical Genomics Centre (CGC) as part of the Genes, Proteins and People program, with financial support from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The three core competencies are: microarrays, structural proteomics and gene profiling.

The Structural Proteomics Group (also known as Ontario Centre for Structural Proteomics) uses x-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy to do structural proteomics. Coupled with this effort is a program in functional genomics which focuses on characterising enzymatic activities for proteins purified for structural proteomics.

The Gene Profiling Group (also known as Analytical Genetics Technology Centre) operates under cGLP guidelines to meet the rigorous standards necessary for DNA analysis and generating quality genotyping data. The facility is equipped with a number of platforms for high throughput SNP identification and genotyping including Affymetrix, Sequenom, ABI PRISMĀ®, Varian/Helix and Transgenomic systems.