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Over the years, the UHNMAC has presented many posters and presentations at conferences and symposiums.
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Application of single cell (blastomere) gene expression profiles to the assessment of human embryos created by IVF; N. Stickle, C. Virtanen, T. Di Berardino, M. Denomme, N. Iscove, A. Baratz, T. Brown, N. Winegarden, E. Greenblatt (2009)

Expression Clones for Signaling Molecules Involved in EMT Process Constructed Using Gateway System; N. Gong, S. Mintzberg (Great Lakes Mammalian Development Meeting, 2009)

Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Differentiation by DAPR Through CyclinD1 Phosphorylation; J. Paris, C. Virtanen, M. Takahashi (Great Lakes Mammalian Development Meeting, 2009)

Characterization of a Novel Scaffold Protein Involved in Skeletal Muscle Differentiation; M. Takahashi, C. Virtanen, J. Paris (FASEB, 2007)

Making the Most of Small Samples: Developing a Benchmark to Compare Amplification Strategies; M. Sharma, Z. Liu, C. Virtanen, N. Winegarden (UHN Research Day, 2007)

Putting the 'micro' into microarrays: High throughput analysis of microRNA; K. Attridge, C. Virtanen, N. Winegarden (UHN Research Day, 2007)

An Evaluation of Two Commercial Hybridisation Technologies; K. Jackson, N. Winegarden (Chips To Hits, 2005)

Gene Expression Profiling of Serous Ovarian Cancers; M. Sharma et al. (UHN Research Day, 2005)

Transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression During Hypoxic Conditions using the HL-1 Cardiomyocyte Cell Line; K. Jackson, C. Virtanen, M. Takahashi (Keystone Meeting: Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiac Disease & Regeneration, 2005)

Evaluating the fidelity and reproducibility of several RNA amplification methods for cDNA microarray analysis; C. Modi, C. Virtanen, N. Winegarden (Chips To Hits, 2004)

High Throughput In-silico Mining of Transcription Factor Associated Genes; Z. Lu, J. Paris, M. Takahashi, C. Virtanen (Chips To Hits, 2004)

Resonance Light Scattering (RLS) Technology and Microarrays; C. Modi, N. Winegarden (UHN Microarray Centre Symposium, 2003)

Screening of Alu sequences in Human 1.7k Clone Set; M. Sharma, E. Ho, N. Winegarden (UHN Microarray Centre Symposium, 2001)

Improving the Utility of Microarray Technology - Neil Winegarden (World Microarray Congress, 2005)

High-Throughput Genomic Screen of MEF2 Association During Muscle Differentiation - Mark Takahashi (Chips To Hits, 2005)

Building A Core Facility - Neil Winegarden (Chips To Hits, 2004)

CpG Island Microarrays: Targeting Gene Expression - Neil Winegarden (Canadian Gene Expression Conference, 2004)

Data By Design - Neil Winegarden (DNA Microarray Workshop, VIDO, University of Saskatchewan, 2004)

ChiPping Away at Muscle Differentiation - Mark Takahashi (Ontario Microarray Symposium, 2003)

Introduction to Microarray Technology - Neil Winegarden (International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting 2002)

Microarray Production: Implementing Automation - Patrick Yau (Ontario Microarray Symposium, 2003)

Microarrays: Where do we go from here? - Neil Winegarden (BioMEMS & Biomedical NANOtech World 2002)