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The UHNMAC has evaluated new technologies, optimised microarray protocols and performed many in-house microarray experiments. In order to better support microarray users, we have put together some Array Tips and Technical Notes that you may find useful.

The Array Tips provide useful tips and quick updates. The Technical Notes are divided by subject category.

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array tips
 Microarray version numbers explained
 RNA concentration and clean-up method

brief technical notes
 Definition of a high quality microarray experiment (scanned array image)
 Evaluation of total RNA isolation methods

technical notes
Platform Validation
 Validation of the Illumina iScan System for gene expression
 Illumina miRNA BeadChip Validation

Array Production
 Corning UltraGAPSTM slides replace CMT-GAPSIITM slides for all UHNMAC microarray products

 Microarray Experiments in a High-Throughput Manner

Protocol Optimisation
 Advalytix SlideBoosterâ„¢ hybridisation station improves hybridisation kinetics for oligonucleotide arrays
 Purification of labelled-cDNA
 Re-washing microarrays to reduce background
 Stability of Cy-labelled cDNA stored at -20C
 Use of Cot-1 DNA as hybridisation competitor for CpG island microarrays

Experimental Data
 Increasing the number of technical replicates can increase the number of significantly differentially expressed genes