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Conducting a microarray experiment consists of 3 principal steps:

  1. Labelling your reference and samples of interest.
  2. Hybridisation, incubation of samples with slide and washing.
  3. Scanning of microarray to acquire an image.
There are numerous direct and indirect methods which one can use to label their samples of interest. The protocols posted here have all been tested at the microarray lab and have produced good results.

  Aminoallyl (Indirect) Labelling  (Updated Sept 15, 2008) 
  Aminoallyl (Indirect) Genomic DNA Labelling for Human CpG Arrays   (Updated Sept 15, 2008) 
  Arabidopsis Plasmid Info  (Updated June 30, 2008) 
  ChIP and CpG Microarrays - Bead  (Updated Sept 15, 2008) 
  ChIP and CpG Microarrays - Staph A Cells   (Updated Sept 15, 2008) 
  Direct Labelling  (Updated Sept 15, 2008) 
  Genomic DNA Labelling for Human CpG Arrays  (Updated Sept 15, 2008) 
  MEEBO Array Labelling Protocols: Genisphere 3DNA & Aminoallyl (Indirect) Labelling  (Updated Dec 12, 2008)